Chris Pine On Why The World Needs Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman star, Chris Pine had this to say at last night’s premiere of the film:

“We’ve seen stories told through the male prism a lot,” Pine told Vanity Fair. “Men are not all that smart. We tend to want to kill each other all the time, so it’s nice to finally have a fresh, female perspective with important themes.”

Just like Socrates, who allegedly proclaimed, “I know that I know nothing,” Chris Pine is smart enough to admit that men are not smart. Which, paradoxically, makes him smart. (Could Chris Pine be our smartest Chris?) He went on:

“To have a female superhero story that is about love and compassion and nurturing of life than the opposite is very important. At the heart of the movie, it’s about people falling in love and being passionate and being heroic. It’s a great lesson for everyone to learn instead of other movies where shit is blowing up all the time.”

While the “all men are cavemen and morons” bit gets a little too much run these days, he is definitely on to something in terms of how the smellier sex has criminally damaged this world with our proclivitis for greed and violence. Getting this fresh perspective in a major blockbuster film should be a nice change and one people should think more deeply about when applying to their own lives.

Kudos to our favorite Chris.





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