LA to Honor Adam West with Bat-Signal Lighting

Beware evil doers! The Los Angeles Police Department will be lighting the bat-signal on Thursday night (tonight), in honor of the late Adam West. No word yet if we should expect a Robin sighting with Burt Ward in his full getup of tights, cape, and mask. Nonetheless, this is a classy move by the city of Los Angeles with a fitting tribute to a Hollywood legend.

Adam West, who famously portrayed the caped crusader in the 1960’s television series The Batman, passed away June 9th after a brief battle with leukemia. If you are a fan of Batman, Mr. West is most likely the representation of the character that first got you hooked on the ideology of Batman.

The Batman has underwent many image changes since Adam West’s representation all the way up to the more gritty and bad-ass Dark Knight, who is now being portrayed in the DCEU by Ben Affleck.

Regardless of which iteration of Batman tickles your fancy, mine being that of the Batfleck, we lost a pioneer of the cape and cowl when Mr. West passed last week, and the Batman universe now has a gap which will be difficult to fill. On the bright side, Adam West’s portrayal of Batman lives on within the DC Universe thanks to the Batman ’66 comic series written by Jeff Parker and illustrations provided by Mike Alfred, along with Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, an animated film digitally released on October 11, 2016.

The film also has a sequel planned for release 2018, which co-stars William Shatner as the iconic villain Two-Face. Luckily, Adam West completed his voice work in October of 2016 and the film is already in post-production, so fans will be able to enjoy a new installment of his version of Batman once last time.


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