The Last Jedi Trailer is Here!

The new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer has finally arrived.


The trailer aired during ESPN’s Monday Night Football and comes nearly six months after the film’s first teaser debuted at April’s Star Wars Celebration. It picks up where 2015’s The Force Awakens ends, with Rey (Daisy Ridley) tracking down Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) to unravel the mystery of why he went into seclusion.

Director Rian Johnson spent time teasing the trailer on Twitter ahead of its release. When Johnson was asked if fans should watch the trailer, he tweeted this: “I a legitimately torn. If you want to come in clean, absolutely avoid it. But it’s gooooood…..”

He wasn’t kidding!

My initial thought is that Snoke is referring to Rey when mentioning he has never seen such a raw and special power etc…

Also the trailer makes you think that Ren may take out his mother which would make sense after Fishers death. Reshoots may have provided the opportunity to close that loop and let Ren come full circle to the Darkside.

As to the teasing of Rey possibly joining Kylo on the Darkside? Not sure how much that would make sense but I like the possibility at least and the dark turn the film is taking.

Rian Johnson was an absolutely fantastic pick to direct the sequel the visuals look incredible.

This trailer has reinvigorated my interest for the movie and I can’t wait till it drops December 15th!


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